Your Favorite Band Sucks Vintage

Your Favorite Band Sucks Vintage

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These are more dark grey than black. I guess VINTAGE BLACK works.ย 

Why not tell the world what you really think with this vintage metal band shirt sporting the phrase "Your Favorite Band Sucks"? Express yourself, and wear this shirt with pride! (It's a great way to start conversations, too!)

LoL AI text sucks ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ

Buy this shirt and you will be the coolest person at the party. That's what matters here. You will be cool. Everyone will like you.ย 

Customer Reviews

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More vintage than your mom's vintage metal t-shirt

I've worn this shirt only 3 times around town and I've caused hundreds of pre-distressed-Slayer-t-shirt-they-bought-on-ebay-wearing poseurs to literally spontaneously combust. Right there on the sidewalk. BOOM! Nothing but ashes and destroyed egos left in my wake. The power of this shirt is real.

Nathan Martin
My favorite band sucks

Thank you for the timeliness, and affordability of my merch order. I attend lots of death metal shows, and i can't wait for my sweet new t-shirt to spark a conversation. Also, thanks for all the hard work that goes into the show. You guys are viciously informative, and i know it's probably a huge pain in the ass to that type of research. I for one, am extremely grateful for you. Great job!

Tony in Minneapolis
A Stylish Shirt

The first time I wore this shirt, my wife told me I looked really nice, and the shirt was far more stylish than anything her boyfriend wears.

Craig T Nelson
Don't be soft

Killer podcast! Been listening since the beginning and still love it. I'm not in any of the bands so i don't get get offended nor am i a host on the podcast so i'm not liable for the fallout. If you're not a self-important doucher that gets in their feelings about shitty washed-up bands, this shit rulz. Buy a fuckin shirt! HOOAH!๐Ÿค˜


My favorite band does suck!